Dance major FAQ

Photo by Allison Brickell

If you’re interested in becoming a dance major, or you just need to know more about it, here’s some frequently asked questions and answers to help you out.


1. Is this a screened major?

Yes. You’ll be able to audition up to two times to get into the program, which will entail ballet and modern technique and dance improvisation. If you don’t make the first audition, you’ll be given time to reflect on what you could improve on and will have the opportunity to take dance electives before taking the second audition. If you don’t make the second audition, you’ll have to take a different major, but you’ll still be able to take dance classes.

2. Do I need prior dance experience or a certain type of training?

It’s not required, but it will help you. The experience level of incoming freshmen varies from 2 years training to 15 years training, and sometimes even those with many years of training don’t get in. The most basic requirement you’ll need is to have a mental awareness of your body and the ability to control it.

3. Do I still need to take gen-eds?

Yes. According to Dr. Kirchner and Towson requirements, you need to balance the academic work with the creative work: you’ll need to take core courses like English 102, math and some social sciences. You’ll also need to write some papers and do some journaling, though most of your time will be spent in the studio practicing.

4. If I had a different major can I still switch over to dance?

Yes, but it will most likely result in more than four years at Towson. According to Dr. Kirchner there are some people who switch over to dance and there are some who stick with a different major but take dance classes simultaneously. You can do either.

5. Am I required to be in a lot of performances?

According to Dr. Kirchner, you’re only required to be in 2 specific performances as a part of your senior seminar, but you’ll need to fulfill 15 points of performance requirements throughout your time in the major. You have a lot of different options for doing this, like performing in student pieces, getting into dance company, etc. You’ll be required to audition for dance company twice, but participating in it is optional. You’ll also be encouraged to go to lots and lots of auditions for different things, even if you don’t think you’ll get them, just to get the experience.

6. Does this major require me to work out?

No, but it will help tremendously. According to Dr. Kirchner, cross-training is not technically a course requirement, but is necessary to train the body and be a better dancer. Other dance majors also say this is a very necessary thing that prepares the body for the intensity of dance.


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