A brief overview: how to be a dance major

Photo by Allison Brickell

At Towson University, dance majors go through a rigorous program that involves physical, mental, emotional and creative energy. From dozens of auditions to reflective journals to hours of rehearsal and dazzling performances, dancers put in hard work to earn their degree. They must maintain a healthy body and a healthy mind, and constantly keep the two connected. Olivia Serrill, a junior double major in dance performance and graphic design, says dance is always a balancing act.

“It’s a balance between performing, and just enjoying the movement, and choreographing and creating something,” she said.

For the feature story, read the full how-to text here. If you’re curious for some concise answers on the requirements for dance majors, there’s an FAQ page. If you’re looking to get a personal insight about what it’s like to be in the program, there’s a slideshow profiling junior Olivia Serrill, who tells her story about how she got into dance, what her daily routine is like and what inspires her to dance. There’s also a video of Olivia which includes her practicing, her busy schedule and her thoughts on the community aspect of dance.


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