Students pose under the inflatable entrance to TigerTHON in the West Village Ballrooms. Photo by Allison Brickell, Towson University Student.

Towson students danced all night Friday in an event to raise money for the Johns Hopkins Children’s Miracle Network.

TigerTHON lasted from 6 p.m. on Friday until 6 a.m. on Saturday. Kim Ciurlino, president of the TigerTHON club, said this year was a special one for the event.

“This year was really important to us because they’re building a new children’s center,” she said. “So a lot of our money is helping them get that project finished faster.”

Ciurlino said the group is student-run and raises money all year long. This year, she said, TigerTHON has raised over $30,000 solely through online donations.

This year also brought a new location for TigerTHON.

“This is our first year [having the event in West Village Ballrooms],” she said. “Last year we had a little over 1,100 people throughout the night, so we decided a bigger venue was not only safer but smarter.”

Ciurlino said the event was better off in its new location than its previous one in the Potomac Lounge.

“We actually used to do it the same night as the Battle of the Bands,” she said. “We would have people coming upstairs from Paws asking us what we were doing because there was actually dust falling from the roof of Paws.”

Ciurlino said the group reaches out to the entire campus for the event, which includes many Greek organizations.

Meg Poisal, a member of Phi Mu, said her sorority tries to come to TigerTHON every year.

“It’s a great way to raise money for the Children’s Miracle Network,” she said. “We’re in Phi Mu, so Children’s Miracle Network is our philanthropy to begin with, so it’s great.”

Ciurlino said the event has been successful so far.

“It’s gotten slightly bigger each year,” she said. “Our main goal the past few years was just to have students understand what the event was, so when they saw us around campus instead of saying ‘what is TigerTHON?’ they said ‘oh I can’t wait for TigerTHON’.”


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