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Pledge: it’s what’s for dinner. (blog assignment #9)

One fine summer evening a few months ago, I was sitting at home watching television. Commercials came on and I stopped consciously listening to the audio until I noticed something. A commercial for Pledge furniture polish started to run and … Continue reading

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Apple festivals: bringing people together through sugar and consumerism for decades. (blog assignment #8)

It’s a crisp fall afternoon and the sun is shining. It’s late September and I’m at home for a weekend, trying to find something to do. I decide to go to the local Apple Festival in the town next to … Continue reading

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Low confidence? Don’t sweat it! It’s a pun because we’re talking about deodorant. (blog assignment #7)

Sweating: it’s a problem. We all do it. It happens when we get nervous, when we’re doing physical activity, or even sometimes just because it’s hot outside. When you’re a woman, sweating is especially cumbersome. You can’t be pretty all … Continue reading

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She’s Come Undone. (blog assignment #6)

She’s Come Undone is a novel that I have found to be particularly memorable. I read this book during high school while volunteering at a library about two minutes from my house. Volunteering to check-in books (finished and dropped off … Continue reading

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